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Telemedicine Digital Marketing

Telemedicine is Here to Stay

And if you are planning to roll out a telemedicine service in your community, or have already done so, then you need great marketing to let your patients and community know.

The BCI TeleSMART digital marketing tool puts your message where all the eyeballs are with digital marketing!  TeleSMART acknowledges the huge audience shift to digital healthcare communication and utilizes the latest digital marketing techniques to target the right audience, with the right message. 

TeleSMART utilizes:

  •  Targeted, relevant website Banners
  •  Targeted geographic and demographic Facebook Posts 
  •  Pay per click SEM
  •  Real Time dashboard to track results  
  •  Daily optimization by channel and message
  •  Targeted audience segments and keyword lists pulled from thousands of sites 
  •  Geo Targeting
  •  Keyword ReTargeting
  •  Behavioral Targeting

SMART Delivery

The TeleSMART ad campaign includes art using a laptop or art using a mobile phone. Our DIGITAL delivery system has the ability to determine which art to display based on the kind of device that is seeing it. Viewers using a laptop will see the art with a laptop and viewers using a mobile phone will see the art that displays on a mobile phone. 

Contact Us for More TeleSMART Information and Details

To receive more information about TeleSMART please fill out the form below. Someone from our account service department will contact you to answer your questions or set up a time to review our digital marketing capabilities. Or call 615-425-0821 at your convenience and ask for account service.

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