Brentwood Communications is now influence Marketing

Market Research

Perception is Key

Influence Marketing offers a variety of Consumer Research to quantify how your hospital is doing versus your competitors in important areas such as community perception of quality, ER, surgical services, women’s services, outpatient services, ad awareness, and other preferences. These custom research strategies are based on years of experience and expertise in multiple methodologies.

Quantitative research provides a distinct understanding based on the collection of responses on a large scale.  Direct consumer interaction can come through telephone, online, or focus group settings.  Analysis can identify trends, describe events and persons that serve as a basis for strategic recommendations with a high degree of confidence.

Qualitative research consists of a more intimate response from consumers by getting behind the “why” a reply is given.  It is characterized by a more subjective participant observation for a more thorough understanding of the context, values, and environmental causes of perceptions.

Quantitative and qualitative research are not mutually exclusive and work together to provide a rich, deep examination of consumer attitudes for a more thorough strategic plan.

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