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QuickStart Physician Marketing

The QuickStart New Physician Marketing Campaign offers your hospital the tools for introducing and welcoming new physicians into your community, announcing the upcoming launch of new medical practices and much more!

The Big Day Has Finally Arrived

It’s the first day of a physician’s new practice. The questions and concerns are many. Will the physician feel the practice is off to a good start? How many appointments will be scheduled? Will he or she feel welcomed by the community? What can you do to help? Perhaps one of the most important steps in launching a successful new practice is creating positive awareness and communicating the right information that motivates people to make appointments. Now there’s an affordable, convenient, fast way to make that happen:

The QuickStart New Physician Marketing Campaign

Get new physicians on the fast track to success with QuickStart, high-quality marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to have new physicians up and running on Day 1 of their practice. The quicker new physicians meet their practice goals, the faster they can enjoy a profitable practice. And when local physicians flourish, so does the hospital.

What is QuickStart?

QuickStart is an internet-based collection of marketing and promotional tools that can be easily customized and downloaded into digital, printable formats, ready for your local printer, newspaper, or other media source. QuickStart includes ready-to-use options for newspapers ads, practice brochures and direct mail campaigns.

QuickStart makes multiple campaigns that are available for most major medical specialties, each with numerous design options. The result is a depth of choice that allows you to create a unique and distinctive campaign for each new physician, no matter how many may be joining your medical staff.

Choose from:
  • Newspaper ad campaigns
  • Direct Mail
  • Practice¬† Brochures
  • More than 150 individual items (and always growing!)
  • Digital Marketing ads

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