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SmartGROWTH Solution

SmartGROWTH Strategic Marketing Solution is influence Marketing’s cornerstone strategy to grow your hospital’s revenue and fight outmigration. The comprehensive program includes assessment, strategic planning, creative messaging, ongoing monthly implementation and support. All at your fingertips for one low monthly subscription.

SmartGROWTH is a strategic partnership. influence Marketing starts with an understanding of your hospital’s overall strategic and operational growth plan. Based on that, influence Marketing’s SmartGROWTH Solution attempts to support that overall plan by asking the question, “What role does marketing play in support of these goals?”

Brand Image and Positioning

It all starts here. In a world where perception is reality, every customer and potential patient has a perception of your hospital already in their mind. But is it reality? Does it line up with the true brand identity of your company? Knowing the answer to this question is the beginning of building a great brand and fighting outmigration. influence Marketing will develop a brand campaign to help properly position your hospital in the mind of your community.

Community Based Marketing

Everybody loves a good story. Now it’s time to tell yours! Our CBM patient testimonial strategy is designed to generate positive word-of-mouth both externally and internally. We believe that nothing is more effective than a great story well told. Our Community Based Marketing (CBM) system helps collect the true stories of great care that happen every day at your facility. We then develop these stories into a variety of external marketing campaigns aimed at creating renewed confidence and trust. It’s good for all of us to be reminded of the difference we make in people’s lives!

Healthcare Services Close to Home

Does your community know what you offer? Chances are, some of your patients are leaving town for healthcare they could have received at your hospital. As part of SmartGROWTH Solution, influence Marketing will help raise awareness of key health services that are vital to the hospital’s growth — from surgery to diagnostic imaging to primary care and beyond — and remind your community that these services are conveniently available close to home. Keeping patients at home is the key to fighting outmigration. Then tracking the results gives you the tool to know it’s working.

New Provider Promotion

Welcoming new providers and raising awareness of new medical specialties available at your hospital is essential to growing revenue. Through its AdBank and QuickStart programs — included as part of SmartGROWTH Solution — influence Marketing can help fill the waiting rooms and appointment calendars for new providers or clinic specialists.

influence Marketing’s SmartGROWTH Solution program highlights:

  • 36-month strategic planning services
  • Local media recommendations
  • Creative messaging and campaign development
  • Access to AdBank and QuickStart marketing tools
  • Discounts on additional influence Marketing programs (DigitalSMART, My Hometown Health and more!)
  • Ongoing monthly meeting and support
  • Tracking and measuring results
  • Market exclusivity

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