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Join The influence Marketing National Mammography Campaign!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Reach your community and save lives!

Increase Mammograms at Your Hospital

This fall, take advantage of the high level of national awareness about breast cancer to encourage women in your community to schedule a lifesaving mammogram. Send an effective, field tested and proven direct mail campaign to your community to promote mammography. We’ve done all the work. You simply choose your 4 color, jumbo size (6″ x 11″) postcard campaign and we’ll localize it, print it, provide the mailing list, mail and deliver to the post office! Contact us for details about pricing with your quantities.

When you use the direct marketing campaign, you also get designs for a 3 part matching newspaper campaign, outdoor designs, web banner and poster designs at no additional charge. Add impact to your campaign with matching TV and Radio spot at low rates or publish our “My Hometown Health” consumer magazine focused on Breast Cancer Awareness and customized for your hospital. Make the offer even more attractive and appealing to your patients with  your choice of personalized gift bags to giveaway to your patients.

Select from three effective multi-media campaign options:

Each campaign comes with a series of jumbo-sized direct mail postcards designed to raise awareness and generate calls to your hospital. Customized support materials—including newspaper ads, printable flyers, billboard art, web banners and Facebook art—are available at no additional cost when you order the direct marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing campaign options are also available. Ask us for pricing!

All campaigns are available as conventional or digital mammography.

Magnify Your Impact


Consider distributing “My Hometown Health” to consumers in your community, a full color, 8-page health magazine featuring Breast Cancer Awareness and an exclusive interview with a featured personality. For example, 2022’s breast cancer issue featured Rita Wilson! Ask us about our celebrity cover for the 2023 breast cancer issue!

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