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Clinical Skills vs People Skills

Clinical Skills vs People Skills – By Bruce Loeffler, Customer Service Expert

Did you know that “people skills” are more important than “clinical skills?” It’s true!

Most patients cannot evaluate how good we are clinically because they have never had medical training. Instead, they evaluate us on our people skills and equate our clinical skills to our people skills. So, if you have great people skills, they naturally assume you have great clinical skills, but if we have poor people skills, they automatically assume we also have substandard clinical skills.

If that is a concern to you, we can help. 

I created Disney World’s service excellence model and have trained over 130 hospitals on improving service and HCAHPS Scores. 

Check out my book, “The Experience,” log onto BCI’s Service Excellence Training  or call 615-425-0821 to help transform your service.

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