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2020 Colon Cancer Campaign

Raise awareness for colorectal screenings and other men’s health services your hospital provides with BCI full marketing campaigns during Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March.

The month of March provides a natural opportunity to reach out to the community and challenge them to become more focused on colorectal health. Our fully customizable colorectal campaigns make it easier than ever before.

Our Colorectal Awareness Campaigns consist of expertly created marketing materials designed to promote National Colon Cancer Awareness Month and colorectal health. Your hospital can utilize one of our print ad series, news releases, direct mail pieces, digital ad campaigns and much more!

Ask us how you can take part in a marketing campaign to increase colon cancer awareness in your community and promote your hospital’s screening and other colorectal services!

Contact Us For More Information About Colon Cancer/Colorectal Awareness Campaign Options

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