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What A Huge Email Marketer Has To Say About Direct Mail

There’s a perception out there that direct mail is Old School—especially when compared to email marketing.

But that’s not the case according to a recent study by a global leader in database marketing. It found that “direct mail is consumers’ top choice for receiving brand communications in almost every category,” including health.

Quite a statement when you consider that the study was conducted by one of the world’s largest email marketing providers, sending out billions of emails annually. Here are two more advantages that direct mail offers compared to email.

Direct Mail Means Direct Response
Email overload is everywhere. Managing an inbox has become pure drudgery for many people; the messages just keep coming and coming. The result: messages are deleted without ever being read. There’s also the attention factor. When people check their emails, they’re often distracted, involved in the multi-tasking process of looking at Twitter, Facebook and a host of other social media.

Compare that to the responsiveness of direct mail: 77 percent of people sort through their traditional physical mail as soon as the get it. 98 percent check their mailbox every day. And 60 percent say they actually enjoy checking the mail. Now that’s what you call a motivated audience.

The Trust Factor
The real threat of identity theft and hackers using email to break into personal computers is making email marketing less dependable and secure. No wonder 26 percent of American consumers say direct mail is more trustworthy than email.

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