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Are you neglecting 41 percent of your market?

If you’re not concerned that your social media program isn’t being effective as it could be in marketing your hospital, you should be. According to a recent survey, 41 percent of patients said social media affects their choice of a hospital or medical facility.

Brentwood Communications offers a full range of social media advertising services that can transform your hospital’s digital marketing into an effective program with proven, measurable results. Here’s a partial summary what we could be doing for your hospital:

  • Create appealing digital ads for your product, service, event, or physicians
  • Set up each specific campaign according to budget, demographic, and length of campaign
  • Manage each campaign, track progress, email analytics reports
  • Stop campaigns at the predetermined ending date.
  • Engage new fans by targeting all users not in your custom list
  • Re-engage former patients with campaigns enticing them to ‘Come back’
  • Segment customers with similar interests, purchase patterns, or area codes or zip codes for sophisticated campaigns
  • Keep your brand top of mind by segmenting audiences based on metrics you have already defined.

If you don’t think your hospital is maximizing its social media, call Brentwood Communications at 615-425-0821 and learn more about how we can create, manage, target, track and analyze your social media to maximize your ROI.

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