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Turning lemons into lemonade

Part 4 in a 5-part series: Tom Whetstone, Director of Marketing and Communications at North Alabama Medical Center – Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, discusses how his hospital handles an unflattering social media comment.

How do you handle negative feedback?

If the complaint seems legitimate, we respond to it quickly. That often turns a bad situation into a positive outcome. People are almost always thankful if you address the issue in a timely manner and try to find a solution.

What if the negative feedback seems more like “sour grapes” than a legitimate criticism?

Unfortunately, there is some negative feedback where the tone is so hostile that you can tell the poster is never going to be satisfied with any kind of response. For those, we hide the comment on our site.

Any other suggestions?

I’m not a fan of the Facebook Five Star Ratings System. It has more of a downside potential, in my opinion, because you have no control over who is rating your hospital. So I recommend disabling this feature.

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