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Interview with Jane Lee Robertson – Hillside Hospital

Jane Lee Robertson


Nestled away in the hills of Pulaski, Tennessee, you’ll find Hillside Hospital, described by many as a small town hospital offering exceptional medical care. Like many hospitals across the nation, Hillside Hospital is located just a few miles away from a large regional medical center.

Brentwood Communications recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jane Lee Robertson, Director of Marketing at Hillside Hospital. Her friends call her “Jane Lee”.  She has a great personality but more importantly she has a proven track record when it comes to coordinating successful mammography campaigns, so we asked her to share a few tips that have helped Hillside Hospital succeed in reaching women locally.

“We really wanted to host an event that would reach and enlighten the women in our community, so we coordinated an event called Ladies Night Out,” said Jane Lee. “The event coincided with the BCI campaigns that included newspaper, radio and billboards. We wanted to spread the word and make it a fun event that would also serve a greater purpose.”

When we asked about some of the special details that made the event a success, Jane Lee said, “We held a contest to name the new Digital Mammo suite, served a nice dinner, offered gift bags full of goodies and even gave away door prizes that included a massage and a free mammogram.”

Since the goal of the event was to encourage women to schedule mammograms, we wanted to know more about how Jane Lee and her team educated women about the latest news and techniques in breast health.

“We handed out our HealthPoint magazine (a BCI publication) featuring an article on breast cancer, and gave an open house tour featuring the new Digital Mammo suite and equipment. We also invited our guests to hear a presentation from a General Surgeon and an OBGYN on staff at our hospital.”

Hillside Hospital also reached out to the local school system. “We did promotions at local football games giving out pink sweatbands, clappers, sunglasses, etc.  It was a big hit. This year I am ordering pink shakers with “Don’t let Breast Cancer Shake you up” with our logo on the handle and we are going to have a table set up scheduling mammograms.”

Jane Lee added, “Many women scheduled mammograms, and we know of at least one woman who attended Ladies Night Out who discovered a lump that might have been missed if she hadn’t had her digital mammogram.”

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