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How Hospitals Connect During The Holidays

Match the message with what’s on people’s minds.

That’s critically important to generate traffic in social media.

In December, for example, everybody is thinking about the holidays.

So NorthShore University HealthSystem in the Chicago area created a holiday-themed health and safety guide that matched the 12 days of Christmas. Using infographics, their “12 Holiday Health and Safety Tips” campaign provided practical advice on everything from avoiding holiday heartburn and keeping the holiday weight off to making sure Christmas trees and lights are safely used.

You can see the complete campaign here:

NorthShore also created social media campaigns for other health-related seasonal events.

August: Back To School
October: Breast Cancer Awareness
June: Summer Safety

The hospital also used FaceBook promotional options and Twitter to increase exposure. As a result, this season-based social media campaign provided 1.6 million impressions and increased NorthShore followers by 291 percent in one year. All by matching the message to what’s on people’s minds. Timing, as it turns out, is everything.

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